Saturday, October 5, 2013

Even so...(some things I'm loving)

Isn't that picture so calming? I live in the middle of nowhere. Well (by my definition as a city girl) and I took this while driving (BAD idea, DON'T do it!). I added the lyrics this week and it just makes me happy. So, it's a favorite.

Moment: Finding out I passed my Texas teacher certification test! Wohoo! One step closer :)

Food: I've always had a love affair with almonds. It's almost an addiction. If it has almonds in it, especially if its an ice cream. But anyways, lately I've been eating a serving of almonds mixed with a few dark chocolate chips. It's delish. And it's perfect because I'm kinda headache prone and when I eat this, I feel a lot better. I may or may not be eating it at this very moment.

Thankful for: Amazing teachers. I am currently in student teaching and have had my fair share of professors. I emailed my professor from last year freaking out because I was doing my TWS (teacher work sample...kind of like a dissertation for teachers) wrong and I didn't know how to fix it. She gave me her number, and we talked. She helped me figure out how to fix it. And it meant a lot to me.

TV show: Once Upon a Time and Say Yes to the Dress. Just love them both. Happy shows :)

What are your favorites this week? And don't forget to follow so you don't miss a post! It would make me extra happy.

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  1. Congrats on the teacher certification! That's so awesome!!! Get it girl! :) I loooove raw almonds, just by themself. It's like my fave snack ever. I'm guessing Rocky Road is one of your favorite ice creams then? It was my mom's favorite :)

    Thanks for linking up girly!


    1. Yes raw almonds are the best! Yes it is! I'm also a fan of mocha almond fudge. Yummm:) We need some ice cream in our lives! Thanks for allowing me to link with you!