Saturday, August 31, 2013

Graduation, Zumba, and Grapes (Some Things I'm Loving)

Song: Um, this is awkward. No song, just STILL listening to HP #7. You'd think as often as I drive, I'd be done by now. 

Moment: I have two but technically they're related. I PASSED MY PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities, basically, a teacher test...and I studied for the wrong test!)...and... I APPLIED TO GRADUATE COLLEGE. December 2013, baby!

Clothing: all of it, none of it. Remember my minimalist comment from the previous post? It's officially in high gear. Thanks to this blog. Now, I will not be following "the challenge" but I do like the idea of not having a lot, or over abundance of clothes but strictly having a wardrobe that goes with your lifestyle. For me, its teacher/ slightly professional looking outfits. Hello, project!

Food: Champagne grapes. They're so precious. And cute. So obviously, fun to eat. 

TV Show: Criminal Minds. Enough said.

Workout: Zumba!! SO. MUCH. FUN. My friend and I are taking it at a local intermediate school. Only $2 a lesson! It's twice a week and we sweat. A lot. I think I'm going to try a step class out this week too. 

You're probably wondering about that little dog in my picture above. His name is Maxwell. We're good friends. He's a Pomeranian. Or as I like to call it, a dog that looks like a cat. He also acts like a cat. Anyways.

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  1. YAY for passing your PPR! Go, girl!! Also, I loooove Criminal Minds! My brother and I had a marathon one night. We literally watched like 8 straight hours of Criminal Minds. It was awesome. I've always wanted to try Zumba! I think I'll get a wii game or something. Looks like fun!


  2. Zumba honestly is the best! I was shocked the first time I went at how good of a workout you get! I went into thinking it was a joke and then after I was like DANG! I'm sore haha

    1. I know,right? I'm always a sweaty mess after. Thanks for commenting! :)