About Me

I AM: a daughter, friend, junk food junkie, follower of Christ, about to graduate college, an optimist, a thinker, a mess (literally...I'm working on it), terrible at remembering to take pictures, happy, and a pinterest addict.

I LOVE: teaching, shopping, dancing, geocaching, makeup, flip flops, watching youtube videos, taking walks, being busy, and reading.

OBSESSIONS: Disneyland (duh), chickfila cookies, cats, and travel.

I AM NOT A FAN OF: humidity, wet socks, being cold (I'm a temperature diva), debates on facebook, not being at Disneyland,and running.

I WATCH: Disney movies, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, Bones, Duck Dynasty, and Drop Dead Diva. 

I MISS: Friends (the tv show), India, my family (they all live far away), and my cat. 

I WANT TO: go to Dapper Day at Disneyland, see Adele in concert, get married someday, write a book, go back to India, go to South Africa, and travel everywhere I can.

PET PEEVES: words like "totes", or "presh" or "totes presh" (ICK), complaining facebook statuses (?), people who are not kind, and overuse of "lol". 


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