Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hopeless Romantic

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother. Can we talk about how amazing season 8 and 9 have been? Yeah, I've been basket case (as usual) in a good way. They are doing an incredible job wrapping this season up with Ted's search for his Mrs. and just dang personality is hitting way to close to home.

Moment: I have several. Turing in my TWS (kind of like my dissertation for teachers). 

Having a wonderful conversation with my room mate. We were talking about a boy who currently has a girlfriend that I used to have to a thing with. I was describing how I feel around him to her and I realized those words have never come out of my mouth before. I  completely trust him, don't feel like I need to change myself in any way, or not measure up to his insane standards like it has been with past guys. He completely believes in me to be a great person, a great teacher, and inspires me to be my best. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it rocked my world. It sucks that I figured this out now, but I left the conversation so happy because I know that regardless of who I end up with it'll be like that. And that is a crazy wonderful thing. I remember telling my best friend that I couldn't even imagine being in love, falling in love, because all I knew was pain. All I know is assholes. And while I'm not remotely in love, it was big moment to hear myself describe that person that way. And remembering the way he looked at me. <3 It gives me hope and makes me happy. I hope that makes a bit of sense!

Beauty tip: taking make up off with olive oil. I'd heard it before, and thought it was stupid but then reheard it on a beauty video and tried it. It really works! I've also been using it as a moisturizer at night because I didn't feel like purchasing another lotion that didn't contain spf. I feel my eyelashes are in great shape because of it. 

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  1. That convo you had with your roomie is so sweet. I LOVE what you said- hope is such a huge thing and I'm so glad you have it :) As you should!! I'll have to try the olive oil thing for makeup removing! I haven't been happy with my wipes lately!

    Thanks for linking up, girly :)


    1. It was such an encouraging conversation. I felt like a new person realizing those things, even if they are about someone who doesn't reciprocate those feelings anymore. I hope you like the olive oil thing! It's a bit odd but I love it :)

  2. your hair is perfect! you're stunning my friend.
    ps. your blog is darling!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, I appreciate it :)