Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make Your Banana Pancakes and Pretend Like it's the Weekend

So lately I have been on health kick. It sucks. To be completely honest. I am junk food person, always have been and probably always will. I love Chickfila, Steak n' Shake, and McDonalds french fries. And Dr Pepper. And chips. And frozen yogurt. You get the point. 

But I realized that over the last two years of college, I gained the dreaded freshman 15. WHY GOD WHY?! Taco Bell, I'm looking at you. I don't even really like Taco Bell. Anyways, I know that I felt a lot more comfortable at the weight I was when I started college, and want to get back there. 

I've been eating as healthy as I can the last few weeks, I haven't weighed myself and honestly losing weight for me is pretty difficult, which is awesome. Therefore, weighing myself might make me cry because I don't think I have lost weight. But, I feel 100x's better. I'm trying to severely limit processed foods, white sugars, and basically anything that tastes good. I jest. My point is, I eat fruits, veggies, and meat. Kind of like the Paleo diet, but not really. I would get hungry pretty quickly after each meal I ate, and I realized it was because I wasn't eating enough or drinking enough water. For some reason, drinking any substance is really difficult for me. But, I found a recipe that has saved my sanity. And I thought I would share it with you :) 

Banana Pancakes

Doesn't this look yummy? Two eggs scrambled combined with a one banana mashed really well. Cook like a pancake. I also topped one with a tiny bit of honey and a small handful of dark chocolate chips. Then I placed the second pancake on top of the first and smeared some homemade almond butter on top of it. Deeelicious. You can also just do one egg and one banana, which is what I usually do and add a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon to the "batter".

And the second recipe I just tried out tonight. Almond cups. Like peanut butter cups but with almonds. Yum. However, use a silicone cup cake liner or buy mini cupcake liners. Don't just grease the pan, because that doesn't work. Just trust me on that one.  Recipe is here.

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