Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello :)

I got the name for this blog from Ecclesiastes 3:11. I knew that I wanted this blog to be about the many processes I am going through. I was having a hard time coming up with a catchy title and everything I thought of was already in use (approximately 80 bazillion people have blogs). I kept playing around with the same words. beautiful. things. process. new. renovate. process. life. freedom. It came to me in the bathroom, glamorous I know. Beautiful process. Surely its already taken. Nope. And so this blog was born. Today, June 29, 2013, at somewhere around 9ish. 

Its okay not to have everything perfect in ten minutes. Like life. I also feel like a hypocrite because I don't spell okay like that. I spell it "o-k" like a normal person. I suppose this is a special occasion though. I am way to hard on myself and way to easy on myself. I don't take time to enjoy the process, I like to hurry it up so I can hurry it up and enjoy the end result. I end up missing out, sometimes. And beating myself up over it. Which is stupid. So, this blog will be the outlet of all my processes. Like loving Jesus. Showing Him to everyone I meet. Getting my wardrobe right (more on that later). Decorating my room. Graduating college. Becoming a teacher. Working out. Trying out a "gluten free" diet. Enjoying today, because tomorrow has enough worries. I hope you'll join me on my journey. :)

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